Friday, March 12, 2010

A dream - vibrating void

It starts out in a house. I'm staying there temporarily, as if I'm resting from a long trip. A pretty blonde lady lives there. She has a husband, but he never appears. I think he might be at work, or on a trip or something. There are others with me, at least one other, but it isn't clear. I spend time in this house and feel welcome. The blonde lady describes her children to me. She does this by showing me a pane of glass with stick figures painted on it, about four or five, all in a row. Where the line of figures ends, there is a gap of about 5 inches, and then another stick figure holds a gun which is firing downwards. Bullets are represented with black painted dashes, all flowing down towards the bottom of the glass. There are a couple of other figures after this one. She puts the glass in the empty window, and a light shines through. I see an image projected upon the wall opposite the window. The light moves from left to right, and in doing so, animates the figures on the glass so it appears that they are moving from right to left. The blonde lady describes it to me as if it is a story. "This is how my children told me that they didn't need my support anymore. They wrote me a letter saying they would never again ask me for money."

At this time, I was transported to another place, somewhere I'd been before on my journey. It was a large room, like a theater, very large and open with seats and balconies. It started to rearrange itself into something foreboding... pieces of the floor separated and were thrust upward into sharp peaks, and fires were lit beneath. Candles appeared and the stage curtains became like huge bat wings. An evil presence announced that the playing field was ready. I turned to the pretty blonde lady and told her that if she wanted to play, it could be deadly. She understood, and we all took to the air into this open space where the game would be played, accompanied by the evil laughter of whatever it was behind it all.

The game didn't start immediately. I was separated from my friends and floated down into a seat, and was joined by other friends whom I had once accompanied on this strange journey. We were now all in the uniforms of our team. More teams entered the theater, and they all descended into seats. We had to make room for them, there were so many. As we waited for the evil to start the game, we chatted with each other and joked. Then an announcement was made... we all readied ourselves. We were told that reality had to be adjusted, just for a moment, and to brace ourselves. We looked at each other in fear and at that moment, we felt a vibration down to our atoms. It increased and my vision blurred. Everything I saw became like scanlines on a TV, and resolution decreased. Eventually I was imprisoned in a blurred, vibrating void that was intolerable. Then everything was brought back to normal. I exhaled in relief and remarked to my friend next to me, "That must be what hell is like, if you imagined having to stay like that forever."

Then we were all on a bus, driving on a winding road through mountains. One of my friends was standing at the front and was leaning out of the door. He was hanging on with one hand and leaning way out with his other arm extended, touching the tips of passing brush with his fingers as we rounded sharp turns. Then he let go, and I turned around and saw him land and transform into an alien animal. I wondered how he was going to get to the games. Before he disappeared behind the next turn, I heard him shout, "It's a short cut!" His wild laughter trailed off.

Now I am watching my friend in his animal form. He is trying to scry his way through brush and brambles, and he comes upon a fence. He is confident that he can jump it, but when he tries, it is too high. A bigger, fiercer alien animal is stalking him and also tries to jump the fence and gets caught in it. The barbed wires wrap around the beasts mouth, and he is immobilized temporarily. My alien friend makes his escape and arrives in a medieval town. Upon closer inspection, he is a really cute little alien. Almost like a puppy, with long eyestalks moving to and fro, and some of the townspeople stop to pet him. I see this and am frustrated. A few locals adopt him and take him on their own journey. I see them in the cupola of a hot air balloon with propellers and wooden cabins attached. I wonder how they steer this strange contraption, and then the field of view widens and I see that a large crane is swinging this thing in circles and that is it actually just a carnival ride, and that their journey is only taking them in circles.

I find myself in a house, in a strange between sleep existence. There is a knock on the door, and somebody answers. Then I am brought fully awake by someone shaking me insistently. I am told that my dad was just there, looking for me. I jump up with a purpose, and get ready to depart. I open the door and see a big old model Cadillac there waiting for me, filled with black people. At first I think my dad is in this car, but he isn't, so I get in and we peel away into an area thick with trees and shadow. We come to a stop and are approached by someone in an immaculate suit. Now I'm in the drivers seat, and I sense danger, and I hit the gas and peel away from him. He chases us, and I quickly lock all of the doors and roll up all of the windows. We leave him behind, but he is shooting at us. Glass shatters and bullets impact the car, and I scrunch down really low to avoid getting hit.

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