Thursday, March 31, 2011

My day

Wake up.
Go back to sleep.
Wake up again.
Try to go back to sleep.
Lie there for a while in the dark.
Wonder what time it is.
Lie there some more.
Panic a little about life.
Go back to sleep again.
Dream again.
Wake up again.
It's light outside.
Get up to use the bathroom.
Find the phone, see what time it is.
Ok, I'm up.
Wander around and shiver.
Turn on the heat in the kitchen.
Sit in the living room for a while and think.
Open the front door and check the temperature.
Get online for a while.
Drink the rest of the can of beer from last night.
Try to pray.
Watch a movie.
Get ready for work.
Dread life.
Walk to work.
Pray on the way.
Get to work.
Say hi to everyone and try to pretend to be ok.
Check customers.
A cake!
Talk to Brittney and feel a lot better.
Order beer.
Check customers.
Talk to Brittney some more.
Experience 30 different moods all day.
End up on a good note.
Walk home.
Drink a beer.
Watch a movie.
Get tired.
Get online for a while.
Smoke one more cigarette.
Think about praying in front of the icon corner.
Get undressed, turn out the lights, and get in bed.
Go to sleep.
Start all over.

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