Saturday, April 16, 2011

Etched into memory

Sometimes things make a lifelong impression on me.  Just little things that I remember clearly.  Like, for instance, I'm in the habit of saying "No likey!" if I don't like something, or if I don't want something, or if I'm not in the mood for something.  At work, I'll say, "No likey!  Want to go home!"  That kind of thing.

Well, here's the reason why I say that.  Back in '92 I was working for Domino's Pizza.  We used to deliver 40 pizzas out to the Pilgrims chicken plant for the Mexican workers there every Friday.  Since they were Mexican, the owner, Steve, felt that it was ok to skimp with the cheese to save a few bucks.  I overheard him talking to his 5 year old son once about a black customer who had just left the store.  He said, in his most loving, paternal voice, "Daddy hates niggers."

Anyway, he skimped on the cheese for the Pilgrims order because he felt that the Mexican workers were sub humans.  One Friday evening I delivered the pizza to them, and by the time I'd gotten it all out of the car, some of the workers had already dug in.  One Mexican guy came up to me, holding this pathetic piece of pizza with almost no cheese on it.  Just patches here and there.  It was a sad looking slice of pizza.  He held it up to me and said, quite forcefully and in broken English, "People no likey!  People no likey!"  Then he turned around and sat back down with his friends and continued to eat the pizza which was made especially for sub humans.

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