Monday, April 11, 2011

A dream - the wave

I was on a ship, sailing towards New York City.  When I got into the harbor, the entire city was flooded.  I opened my phone to take a picture, but the current was too strong and was pulling me into a torrential river.  It started to flow uphill and into the woods, and I wanted to go back to the city.  I turned off the motors, hoping that the momentum would stop and I would flow back.  It didn't, and I finally arrived at a house.  My mom was there, looking for me.  I told her that the city was flooded and that I wanted to go back.  She started crying and told me not to go.  I ran back towards the river, but the ship had drifted away.  I ran alongside the river, hoping to find it.  The idea of losing the ship was unthinkable.  When I got back to the city, I couldn't find the ship, but the water had subsided and there was traffic everywhere, trying to get away.  I saw a tidal wave coming, and I ran frantically for high ground.  People were running with me, and we were all getting stuck in the mud.  One little kid had found the grass, and was running to the top of the hill.  I was calling to the kid, encouraging him that he could make it, to keep running.  The tidal wave engulfed us, and I could see up through the water to the kid clambering up the hill, and then the wave got him.

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