Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A fairy tale

Once upon a time a guy and a girl met, and they became connected with love.  However, neither of them really knew what to do with the wonderful thing they had, and so they made mistakes.  Over time the connection began to knot and fray... it eventually manifested as disinterested apathy for one, and selfish obsession for the other.  Instead of providing a passage for understanding and truth to flow between the two, the connection had become a conduit for pain and selfishness which flowed back and forth between them.  Eventually the connection began to twist, and the twisting hurt.  When they each tried to pull away from the pain, the connection which had began as love started to stretch.  Finally, the stress was too much and it broke in two.  After it broke and they weren't connected anymore, they both kind of just faded away from each others view. 

However, what had broken wasn't the original love which had connected the two.  It was an ugly, frayed and knotted rope which could only bind, restrict, and tighten.  But it couldn't do that anymore, not ever again.  When the big bad broke, it turned to dust and blew away.  Just like in a fairy tale.

And somebody, somewhere, lived happily ever after.


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