Tuesday, June 7, 2011

scale killer

The light is on now, the scale killer was just a dream, I don't have to be afraid, it was only a nightmare. I was on the phone, 911. Trying to give directions to Omaha from Pittsburg, very detailed... hwy 11 to Daingerfield, left on 259 to Omaha, hurry please. Martian tripods are all over the countryside and nobody believes. I lose concentration and hope, can't hear on the phone. Now it's a siege situation years later, I'm in the military. Thousands die every day, I see the tripods at the border, humans clash with machines. It's neverending, we will lose, only a matter of time. My commander takes our platoon to the top of a hill for a better position for a last stand. I'm so scared I'm shaking, my gun is rattling in my hands. A lake over there and a heliciopter lowers into it... Strange. And it picks up some water, I can see inside, a human is forming. A new Martian weapon, hatches open, it's released into the water. It swims to shore, towards us, it has a fancy gun, and as it emerges it says "scale killer." And it shoots my friend, and she screams, and she dies. It shoots others, saying that each time, and people die. It comes for me, I dive down and hear it's awful alien voice pass over, I look up and see the air distorted into colorful bubbles by the passage. It's at the top, I run, nowhere to go, I turn and rush it, "scale killer" is what I hear, the awful voice, over and over as it tries to kill me. I grab its face and push, I see its eyes amd they are dead, not making contact, but its mouth and tongue form constantly those words as we grapple. My thumbs slip into its mouth, I'm afraid, it will bite me, it's smart, it'll bite my thumbs off and then it'll say those words and kill me. We struggle and fall against a mirror, it says the words again, but my hands are twisting its head to the mirror. The words come out and hit the mirror, and reflect off, and the volume increases, and I hear the scale killer echo through the mirror world and into my world, amplified infinitely, never ending. I'm alone, Leah where are you, I'm alone I'm alone, I want my mom. It was only a dream but I'm alone in the small hours. Lord have mercy.

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  1. Wow, reading that again, I'm embarrassed at my sheer terror. I only half remember pounding that out on my phone in the middle of the night.