Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Down the hall

It's been, what... 49 months I guess, and for the most part the pain has been relegated to an obscure closet, way way down the hall and locked up tight, with the lights unscrewed.  I can even forget it's there most of the time.  Sometimes I'll become aware of it though.  Something at work will remind me of her, or I'll run across a memento from back then, or I'll just see that Pantocrator icon she gave me and I'll realize that I've only thought that I'd forgotten.  I realize it's unlikely that we'll ever see or hear from each other again, and it seems to me that I've pretty much come to terms with that... but I'll never, ever forget, and I'll love her, more and more it seems, every day until my life reaches its final moment.  Weird, that.  Normally I'd have been totally fallen back out of love by now for two or three years.  Anywho.  That's that, I guess.  Time for beddy-bye.

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