Monday, August 10, 2015

Late rent, lost rent

Oh man, what a waking nightmare. I'm late for my rent this month, but I have two money orders. One for a hundred, and another for 200, and I'll have the rest on Thursday. 

Well, what happened was I had the 200 dollar money order in my wallet for the past couple of weeks, which I kept in my bag. I was all kinds of going through it today, and not paying much attention to what was where.  Then when I got home from work, I had the bright idea to put those money orders in an envelope and just drop what I had into the night box, even though it wasn't all of it.  $300. The only problem was, I was missing about $200 worth of money order.

No, it was exactly two hundred dollars.  A 200 dollar money order that I've been keeping in my wallet. Well, after all kinds of going through my wallet today, that money order had apparently just kind of migrated out into the world of that which shreds hopes and churns out despair on an assembly line.  It was gone. The $200 was gone. It was really really gone. Really gone. Gone. Gone and not here and not there, but not not there either, but definitely not not not here. It was gone. Gone, gone, gone, gone, gone!

Well, I freaked the fuck out, of course. Then I prayed, oh how I prayed in desperation, in selfish desperation to God, to please not let me have been so alarmingly retarded as to have lost $200 of my rent money, just because I was a blithering idiot.

Wulp, I had the bright idea to go back to the store and see if it just happened to be floating around there somewhere. And whadda you know, miracle of miracles, my prayer was answered! I couldn't believe it, it was almost as amazing as losing it to begin with. It was anti-amazing. I found the 200 dollar money order. It was underneath some paperwork in the back by the computer, next to all the crap. I flat out could not believe what was happening. It was like a nightmare. And then it was like a miracle. None of it seemed real at all.

So that's that. I lost hundreds of dollars today, and then got it all back just because the conscious, living universe actually feel sorry for me. I'm sure of it. Thank you, God. I mean it.

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