Thursday, May 28, 2015

A dream - light years away

I and six others were to be the first people to travel to another star. We had been provided a ship, and it was ready, and I was preparing to leave. My sister, Chey, was helping me pack my clothes. As I was rolling up socks, I realized something with a shock and said, "Chey, I'm going to go down in history." She replied, "No, only the others who follow you will... the ones who do the building." "But as one of the first people to travel to another star, I'll surely be remembered for that." Chey stopped folding clothes and looked at me. "You're right, wow, you're right."

I took a shower and put on my church clothes and was ready to go. The only thing left to pack was a few pairs of socks. My brother Matt was there to wish me goodbye, and I handed him my newest pair of socks. They hadn't even been rolled up yet. "Here, brother. Take these. They're brand new and really comfortable." Matt took the socks, and we shook hands. "I'll be light years away, but you'll have these socks. We'll stay connected."

Then I said goodbye to mom, and dad, and all the rest of the fam, hugged everybody, looked at myself in the mirror, picked up my bags and got on the ship.