Saturday, April 9, 2016

New York Schwa

I just realized something pretty dadgum stupid. You know how, um... how to explain it...

Like, a New York accent. Imagine somebody saying 'shirt'. It would sound kinda like 'shureet', with the 'uree' all kinda on top of itself and falling out as one sound, like saying 'uhhee' at the top of your throat with the back of your tongue.
See what I mean? There ain't no phonetic representation of that sound. No letter or combination of letters to express it. You have to waste five minutes of precious life just trying to explain it.
What is that anyway? Howcome there ain't a letter for that? I mean, there's a schwa for some kind of sound that nobody cares about, howcome there ain't one for that?
Well, I'll invent one then. That's a New York schwa.

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