Thursday, April 14, 2016

That dog, again.

I'm walking to Kroger with headphones on, oblivious, and a brown wind goes tearing by and brushes my leg. This startles the craptaculations out of me at first, for almost exactly one second, and then I see this brown, long legged dog gallivanting clumsily ahead of me. I bust out laughing, but I can't hear myself because of the headphones.

This dog follows me almost the whole way, sometimes ahead, sometimes behind, sometimes taking a side trail, but always coming back to just ahead of me. It's got a collar and tags, but my phone ran out of minutes yesterday. No, this here phone is just for Wi-Fi.

After about ten minutes of that dog, and about fifty yards ahead, I see this guy and this girl sitting in their car with the doors open. That dog tears off at warp speed, into that car, and ALL over those two kids and inside that car like a berserk thing. It's like that cartoon where everything becomes a chaotic blur of motion, with a foot or a paw or a leg or a hand or a head sticking out briefly and getting sucked back in again.

Just as I pass by the car, all three of 'em pop out at the same time, each one from a different door. I remove my headphones.

"Is that your dog?" Says I.

"NO!" Says they.

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