Friday, July 1, 2016

A strange day today.

Today was a strange day. Pretty strange. And I only just realized how strange about two-and-a-half minutes ago.

This morning my stomach hurt pretty bad. I thought that was going to be a precursor to the quality of my day, but it turned out to be just a normal, average day, despite the tummy ache. Nothing particularly good or bad was obvious, until I got hit by a car. That part sucked pretty good.

It was a young girl driving, and after I was ok, I really let her have it with the screaming. She hardly reacted at all. I feel bad about it now. You may think that somebody just doesn't give a flip because they don't react at all about a thing, but it's most likely that they're just overwhelmed. I think that poor girl was hurt worse than I was about the whole hitting me with the car thing.

Boy, did I ever scream and cuss and just let it go at that girl. It hurt, yeah. Getting knocked flat onto your ass by a car, even a slow moving 10 mph one, sucks!  But hell... here I am, pretty sore, a little bit bumped and bruised, but otherwise okay and with no broken bones or blood or anything. And every now and again today I'll think about that girl, and her Blank Stare, and how she just stood there. Her standing there after she stopped and got out of her car. How she was after she had gotten out of the car. She didn't apologize or anything. She just said, "I didn't see you." and "I didn't mean to."

Somehow I think she came out worse for wear from the whole situation. I so wish I hadn't screamed at her.

Then, about fifteen minutes ago, I was walking home from a walk, and I was just about to climb the steps up to my abodingness when I saw a sharp sparkling at the foot of the stairs. I almost said F it and walked right by it and ignored it, because at first it just looked like a piece of broken glass. Then I decided to turn around and get a closer look, and I bent down and picked it up, and it's an earring. A nice, sparkly one. One that just goes in with a fastener. It doesn't really matter what it's made out of, it was made for my ear, and that's what made me happy right then, just about a few minutes ago.

Then a real miracle occurred! I've been looking for a wire coat hanger for the past month, and you'll never know how rare a wire coat hanger is until you don't have one and you really really need one. They just aren't to be found, anywhere, ever! Just  the plastic ones, and I need a wire one. I just do, ok? I need a wire one. You can shape wire coat hangers into things. Like, 3D wireframes of things.

What happened was, only about ten seconds after I had found that sparkly earring, I found a wire coat hanger at the top of the stairs.

It was a weird day today. Can you see that now? How you would probably think that it was a weird day too, if you had experienced it?

Don't say nothing, just think about it.

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