Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Nightmare - sad violence

I was standing on a hill just outside of town, looking down at it. Something like a silvery green hot air balloon had fallen nearby. It seemed totally alien and unfamiliar, and I was afraid to go near it. I didn't know where any of my family was, and I was waiting on top of that hill for Fr. Justin and Dax and some other parishioners to walk with me into town.

My lost family showed up instead, but they seemed different. I didn't recognize them, although I knew who they were. I asked what had happened to them, and one of them said that there was a little bit of it left for me.

We turned around and walked back up the hill to where the balloon was resting. I was told to crawl inside of it and wait, but I was terrified. They all told me that it would make me stronger, and that I would be able to manage incredible feats of strength and endurance afterward. I asked if it would also protect me, and they said no.

I crawled inside the deflated balloon and waited. It became hot and windy inside, and then I felt a force pushing upward against both of my armpits. It was a soft pressure, and it tickled and hurt at the same time. Then it pushed inside of me and filled my whole body.

I crawled out of the balloon and my family said, there, that wasn't so bad was it? Then there were dozens of us, and we were all identical, silvery man-shaped figures. Then we all came together to form one single giant silver man, composed of the dozens of smaller individual silver men. I was balanced precariously at the top, and I was terrified as the long, silver strides of the man-thing carried me down the hill and into town.

When we arrived, I was taken off of the top and put back inside the balloon. This time while I was in there, I heard this ghost voice... a quiet, yet howling whisper of a voice. It was saying:

Asad, revenge, asad violence. It said that many times.

I cried out, What does it mean?

Asad, you are, it replied.

Asad means 'you are'?

You are a sad violence, you are a sad revenge, replied the ghost voice.

Then it repeated, making 'a sad' into one word again:

Asad revenge, asad violence
Asad revenge, asad violence
Asad revenge, asad violence
Asad revenge, asad violence
Asad revenge, asad violence
Asad revenge, asad violence,

in that howling ghost whisper.

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