Friday, November 4, 2016

The five stages of pulling a double

The five stages of having to work a double shift.

1. Denial
Dang, it's 10:30... where's 3rd shift? Surely he'll show up. Yeah, he just overslept is all. No way I'm gonna have to work a double shift... no way. That's crazy talk. He'll be here.

2. Anger
WTF! It's frikin' 12:30 and where the F is 3rd shift?! This is BULLSCHNITZ! Why the heck doesn't he leave his phone turned on when he goes do bed?? Wake up man, and get your ass up here so I can go HOME!! FUUUUUUUU-!!!

3. Bargaining
Hey man, 3rd shift never showed. Can you work for me so I don't have to pull a double? I'll work truck night for you -

4. Depression
This sucks!

5. Acceptance
Oh well. At least it's time and a half.

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