Sunday, January 22, 2017

president Trump prime time cartoon stupid ass bullshit America will be retarded great again words like pundit and inauguration and politics and pundit geez isn't that a stupid sounding word pundit hashtag what are we fuckin stupid

What's with all the 'used to be, once was, will be again - great' bullshit that I keep seeing everybody posting about America? Is everybody stupid? Are we in past tense mourning for a possible future present tense? What the hell, y'all? Am I the only one who sees down to the retarded bones of this CRAP? What kind of hysterical mob mentality is this? Yeesh! It makes me wanna slap something.

Can everybody just stop for a sec and rescue your underwear? Just because America is tarded and immature and insane on a regular basis don't mean it ever stopped being great. Come on, y'all! So the president is a real live cartoon, syndicated, and guaranteed for four seasons. That doesn't mean that the whole country just automatically goes down with the captain of the ship! There's literally SHITLOADS of things that have zero to do with stupid ass politics that make America great. I ain't gonna list them, because you should already know, for Pete's sake.

Everybody gets all caught up in stupid ass politics, like politics is something you should use for setting a bona-fide standard by. Doesn't anybody else get it, that a great big fat greasy pile of politics is simply ugly, ugly entertainment for your R-complex? Politics is an insidious device with one purpose - hitting the Mob Button that's buried deep down in your primitive consciousness, where it's easy to manipulate.

What's my proof for this, somebody might ask? My proof is all this bullshit that people keep saying about making America 'great again', as if America was a beloved baseball player who got caught shooting up steroids. As if using steroids totally and completely defines the ultimate worth of that baseball player named America. It's stupid media crap, designed to manipulate and warp your insides, and you all should know better.

Everybody needs to tear yourselves away from that stupid ass President Trump cartoon already. Sure, it's funny... but come on. There's WAY better cartoons that you can watch on YouTube. Like Ren & Stimpy.

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