Friday, February 18, 2011


Every now and then lately, the enemy chooses to attack me with a full on, frontal assault.  These attacks are almost always completely unexpected.  At one moment I'll be in a good mood, enjoying the passing moments with a light heart and a skippity step, when suddenly and with no warning my world comes crashing down.  My reaction is invariably, WTF?  WHY?  These attacks always occur at my weak spot too.  Where else to stage an attack?  The weak spot, the spot that's in the process of being hurriedly reinforced.  The strategic spot.  The crack in the defenses.

The problem is age old and boring.  Especially for me, since it keeps occurring over and over... and I think that's because it's such a hard problem to solve.  It's boring and impossible, like algebra.  Yet I've always wished I was good at math; said that I'd trade all of my artistic talent for math talent... go figure.  So this is my weak spot.  Such an easy spot for the enemy to take advantage of and try to insert some corruption, because that's where the pride and ego and self pity and anger and all that crap reside.  But it's also where all the good things are... all those loves that just want to be pristine and real.

So, yeah.  I bet it all of this would make a good war movie/romantic comedy/spy thriller.  A blending of genres.  I could do it, I could write a script for it.  It would have to be a cartoon though.

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