Sunday, June 5, 2011


Got up, laid in bed for a half hour and read. Fr. Justin said I should read scriptures before sci fi, but that will take practice. Got up, got dressed, started walking and saying pre-communion prayers... shoot a monkey. Forgot something. Went back, got it, started walking again. Said my prayers on the way. Whoo boy, walking to church is sweaty work. I got there and saw Leah's car. Looked like somebody was in it... no, wait... yeah. I walked over and knocked on the window. "Here's your movies." Smile. "Thanks." Smile. "See ya." following the Layda's inside... wow, Lois shore is preggers! Ok, grab some napkins and wipe the sweat off... yeesh. I'm not smelly though... I'm never smelly. My sweat is pristine. Ok, time to sing... I start out just fine, but I have 45 minutes of middle C to look forward to. CHRIS JONES where are you? Wait who's this lady singing tenor? Ok I'm not alone. We're tooling along just fine until we get to the part where Arias has his bowels forcibly torn from his posterior by the wrath of God, and I started laughing and couldn't stop. I had to turn around and you know, "cough" several times until I recovered. Whoo doggies... first item up for next confession, I suppose. Later, when we sang the pre-communion prayer, I had to turn around and "cough" again but I was crying this time. I dunno why, it was pretty unexpected. I guess I didn't say it good enough on the way to church. So after church I went home and read some more, and fell asleep. Next thing I knew it was 1:57. SHIT. Ok, grab work clothes off the floor, change at work. It's too dadgum hot to walk to work in them anyway. So I get there 10 minutes late, clock in, go in the bathroom to change, pull my schmelvinelvin shirt out of my back pack, and... what's that smell? Sniff... JULIO! My shirt is pissed on. You little bastard. So I work wearing my Pearl Jam shirt. I get a "cool shirt dude" from this guy while I'm singing 'Somewhere' by Soundgarden. I wonder if he'd have said that if I were singing 'Summer Breeze'. Anywho. Matt isn't here yet. He said he would be late, but I have a scadzillion items to order and it's 5:30.

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