Thursday, October 15, 2015


Greetings, fragnasticators from planet Schmelvelinia. I am EliAsh from planet Denton.

You are not EliAsh from planet Denton. Therefore, you are not from. However, you are not necessarily not to.

Therefore, henceforth you shall now also be to too, but not too to. Forthwith, while to is still you and you are still to, you are not to be TOO to too, while remaining to, and are too to, too... but not TOO to; vis-à-vis R2D2. Ergo, absurdum illegitimi non carborundum.

Hencewith, all collapsinating of local quantumnasticating waveforms shall be collapselapsicated and dictatorated anonymouslessly, and preferably with no observationalistics running amok all over the place.

Forthforth, going forth and so forth, all new non-observationalasticationals of the collapsicationation of any form of waveform shall forthhencely and posthastily be forth forwarded forward for six sixtieths of a sixpence to the Prince of Whence, hence the son of King Wenceslas, who backed his car on the feets of Stephen.

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