Wednesday, March 9, 2016

An encounter with ruffians

Last night at about 2:00 AM, as I was walking to Kroger, I had my awareness focused on two guys who had been walking behind me for the past few minutes. When they had almost caught up to me, I did an abrupt about face. They kept walking for a couple of steps, then they both turned around and kept following me. Then they separated and tried to come abreast, one on either side of me. Those two no-good rascals were trying to corner me!

I turned around and walked backwards and extended both arms straight out with palms forward, one for each of them. The unmistakeable and common gesture for Stop. Cease. Desist. Now. I was walking backwards like that, with my arms extended outward like I was propping up two columns. They didn't stop, so I said, loudly -


'Gimme a cigarette,' said one. 'You got any spare change?' said the other. 'Whatchoo got?' said the first one. 'We ain't gonna hurtcha,' said the other one. And they both kept coming.

I stopped then and fumbled around quickly for my sheath and extracted my flashlight blade (I call it my flashblade) with one hand, and my laser pointer with the other. I opened the blade, hit the light, and pointed the laser, the blade, and the light at the ground between the two of them.

'I got these,' I said. 'Gawn now. Go.'

That finally got 'em to stop, and the three of us just stood there quietly for about ten seconds, regarding each other. Then I turned to the left and quickly walked away, keeping my eyes on them as I did. They didn't follow, but they sure did holler after me. Really nice, friendly stuff.

'M-f'er! Bitch! You little bitch! Mother-f'er, you better run, you little bitch-ass (vulgar word that used to commonly mean cat)! Run away, mother-f'er! Little bitch ass! Run, you little f'er!'

I didn't run. I just kept walking until I couldn't see or hear them anymore.

So, anyway. That just happened. And that's why I carry a flashlight knife and a laser pointer.

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