Thursday, May 19, 2016

What the FUCK, man.

I just walked through this concrete parking lot, and you know how things try to grow out of concrete? They try like the devil to break up through that hard, unnatural stuff, and up into the air and light.

Why do they do that?

That's my automatic, first question, before I've thought about it.

Well, Ash, the reason why they do that, is because things that start out alive kinda want to keep being alive. No, really. They really do want to keep being alive.

Why do they do that though?

Well, there ain't no humongous answer to that. They do that because they're supposed to. It's what they do, you know?

But why is that what they're supposed to do?

I dunno. Because they want to, I guess. They're supposed to want to.

But why are they supposed to want to?

Well, what the heck else would they want to do?


No. Just... no. No alive thing wants to die. What are you, retarded? Geez. It's pretty much black and white here. They are - they do. They aren't - then there is no they, anyway, so it's moot. Goll...

But I'm one of those theys, and it's not black and white to me.

So, what? What are you asking, anyway? Whadda ya want?

I dunno. A purpose?

You got a purpose, you big dumbass! You're alive, that's your purpose!

That's it?

Well, yeah! What the hell else do you want?

Uh... purpose, minus the pain, maybe?

WHAT??? You big sissy.

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