Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I hate that Wandering Oaken Trading Post guy.

Some may find my negative critique of the Wandering Oakens Trading Post to be unwarranted.

After all, when Princess Anna's horse bolted and left her to freeze to death just south of the North Mountain, I must admit that the warmth of the Wandering Oakens Trading Post did just happen to save Princess Anna from freezing to death in the middle of a completely unexpected eternal winter. Still...

Still, can we please expect store proprietors to not be greedy assholes? And if not just normally and as a matter of course, then especially inside special circumstances, such as eternal winters? That's a special circumstance, right? The eternal winter thing?

I think that the actions of that Swedish Meatball guy totally speak for him, by throwing Christof out into the Eternal Winter to die. And for what? For calling out that Swiss Cheeser for what he is... a greasy, greedy bastard crook, who values his winter stock over human life? Yup! Exactly for that!

Screw that guy, that Swedish Meatball proprietor guy, with the jar of fish heads! Like giving those away to witnesses of attempted murder is supposed to make it  ok!

That guy is as psychopath, that Wandering Oaken Swedish Meatball guy. I hate that guy.

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