Thursday, November 13, 2008

At the Dollar General

Today I didn't go to work. I got up at 6:00 am and was feeling 'iffy'... that is, nauseous. I toughed it out until 6:55 (had to be at work at 7:00) and couldn't hold it back anymore and puked for about 10 minutes. So, I called in to work.

Weird, that. Food poisoning, thought I, when I remembered the week old soup I had for supper last night.

However, I was feeling right again at about 3:00 so I went up to the Dollar General store to browse their books (oddly enough, Dollar General usually has a good sci-fi selection for a dollar). So, I get in the store and this black lady is really giving it to this guy who works there. It went something like this:

DG guy: I saw you get out of her car, I know you are with her.

Lady: I din get out no fuckin car wid dat bitch! Watchoo talkin bout!

DG guy: She is wearing a blue dress and she just left. I know you're with her.

Lady: What da fuck. You a lie motherfucker.

DG guy: That's ok, I'll just call the police. (he walks away)

Lady: You go ahead an call them mo fuckin' PO-lice. I sit out in my car and wait for dem mo-fo's. Fuck you, I'm up in dis mo-fo evy day, I ain't tryin' hide nuthin'. (she turns suddenly and addresses somebody) Hey, come here! You da one he talkin' 'bout, sayin' I'm wit you!

Other lady: Huh? (she is wearing a blue dress, I assume this is the lady the DG guy was referring to)

Lady: Yo, mo-fucker, this here the lady, and I ain't with her! Am I? I didn't come in wit you.

Other lady: Huh? Whats this all about? No, you didn't come in with me.

DG guy: You two aren't together?

Lady: Hell NO we ain't together, I came here in my OWN car bitch!

Other lady: We didn't come here together. I don't know this lady.

DG guy: (walking away again) Ok, I'll take care of it. I apologize.

What the hell was THAT all about?

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