Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

We had one trick-or-treater, but I didn't have any candy to give her. She was a little cutie, about 7 years old, dressed like a witch. I have the door wide open because it's nice outside, so they walked up and the mom raps on the door frame and says "your door's open, does that mean you're inviting trick-or-treaters?"

Dammit, and we didn't have a single one last year, so I didn't buy any candy. So I apologize profusely to the kid and her mother and scrounge around for something, but I can't find anything. The little kid see's my arcade cabinet in the other room and says "wow, you've got a real arcade cabinet back there!" I thought about offering to let her play it, then decided that her mom probably wouldn't want her 7 year old daughter coming into a strangers house to play his arcade cab, so I didn't. I wanted to give her something though, but I didn't have anything, so I just told her I was really sorry and that she was very cute. She smiled and said "Well, you probably need this more than I do, and I gave all the rest of it to other kids anyway. Here, have some candy." And she handed me a piece of candy, her ONLY piece. It was a little miniature bag of Whoppers with about 4 inside. Well, that just about made my night.

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