Friday, January 30, 2009


Terry says that if a pot of decaf stays on the burner long enough, it will magically grow new caffeine.

The other day at work, somebody said "guess what's in my coat." "A cucumber?" "No..." and a little kitten popped it's head out and proceeded to climb up his arm and onto his shoulder.

The last time it was all physical and no love. Now it's the exact opposite. Both versions hurt but the difference is the black void. It's gone now.

Managing the ass at 7-Eleven isn't all it's cracked up to be. Which ass goes where, what to do with the extra ass, how much ass to kick. Then there's the bad ass, the fine ass, the dirty ass, the ass hats... I need to get paid more for this I think.

I just stepped on the scale and I'm down to 145, from 160 a month ago. Yee haw. Maybe this summer I'll be able to take off my shirt.

The other day my car was covered with a half inch of ice. And my big idea was to leave the key inside with it running, with the doors locked, and let the warmth build up and melt the ice. Well, that worked out real good, except that the automatic radio controlled buzzer button unlocking mechanism thing won't unlock the car if it's running, so in effect, my car was running and locked and I was standing outside freezing. There's a happy ending but I'd rather leave everybody breathless and in a state of panic.

I think I'm getting more lost as opposed to unlost. I do have one kick ass Wyatt Earp mustache though, so that's a comfort.

And even though she won't say it, I suspect that she loves me. A little bit anyway.

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