Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My bad ass 'stache

Today at work I'm standing outside, smoking a cigarette and trying to look cool. Apparently it's not that hard to do because somebody came up to me and commented on my magnificent 'stache. He said that I had a Sam Elliot thing going on and asked if I was going to 'train it'. I assumed he meant 'wax it' so that it grew handlebars or something. So I told him, no, I just thought I'd let it grow until it stopped growing. He said that it would look cool if it grew out like Sam Elliot's in the movie 'Tombstone'. I told him that's why I grew it in the first place, because of that movie. Then as I was walking back into the store, he said "You look bad ass."

Ash wins +10 ego points.

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