Thursday, November 5, 2009

A dream - alien ritual

Out towards the horizon, a long range of thunderheads had gathered in the gloaming, a far away threat which still managed to cast a note of foreboding upon me. Lightening flashed in their depths, immensely bright green lightening. I watched as these flashes illuminated the yard from my position on the front porch. Each flash lingered for much longer than would be expected of an ordinary lightening flash; green irregular patches of light that resembled the type of light that a spotlight would cast. They moved around the yard in irregular patterns, and they lingered, very much unlike the brief, time-freezing light cast by ordinary lightening. These green illuminations allowed time to pass within their depths, and whatever they brightened existed in unnatural duration for several seconds, as if ripped from ordinary time and forced to exist in hellish time. Lurid, green, and patchy, their power did not diminish, even considering the fact that their source was 40 miles away. They were frightening.

One of these patches of light fell upon the strangely shaped head which was mounted on one of the fence posts. Strange though it may be, it was still a normal fixture that should not provoke fright. However, once bathed in the eerie green illumination, it became almost transparent, in that a purple brain appeared within. I became alarmed as I sat there transfixed by it's pulsations, and I sought to warn someone. I became vaguely aware that I was shouting this fact out loud, that a purple brain was visible inside the head fixture, but I don't know if anyone heard me. I got up from my seat on the porch and stood in the front yard, staring out towards the unnatural storm, transfixed by it's eerie phosphor glow. As the green light moved about the yard, it fell upon me now and then, changing the world to shades of green and back to gray and back to green again. I stood paralyzed and wondering why the clouds were doing that and I grew even more fearful.

At this time several of my friends appeared, as if responding to my frightened call, and they seemed to revel in the light. As the light passed over each of them, they began to float up into the air. I watched as they reveled in the experience of floating. They were all enthralled with ecstasy as I watched them, all of them, hovering at different relative altitudes, and the idea came over me that I would enjoy this sensation. So I reached out my arms and began to float up, too. It was a glorious feeling, and all fear left me, even though my view of the green clouds increased as I flew higher. From way up there I could see that the clouds stretched all around us and formed an unbroken circle of flashing green upon the horizon. I looked down and saw the green patches dancing all over the yard, the house, the pasture, as far as I could see in every direction. Thousands of patches of light, moving around erratically, almost like a strobe. It came to me that this effect of light might be hypnotizing me in some way, disarming me, making me susceptible to it's effect, and in panic I lowered my arms and fell down to the ground, landing hard, jolted and completely disillusioned.

I couldn't think clearly, and I couldn't move after that. I could only watch as the monsters approached. They were all tall and purple, with big heads holding their big brains, their ill will emanating from them in invisible waves. Once we were in range of these ill waves, their intent became clear to us. They captured us and took us with them, into the green light, and I was aware of their thoughts as we were carried away, into their ships, down long hallways filled with propaganda posters and into the presence of the queen, who was terminally ill. I was certain that she would use our lives to extend her own. We were food for her, no more, and in her presence everything ceased to be.

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