Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today I sold a knitted rex rabbit scarf, a pair of shearling gloves, and a shearling hat! Yee haw. And right before that, there was a group of people sitting on the bench across the hall snickering because I didn't have any business. Everybody usually goes right into the Harley store, because... hey, it's a Harley store, and the guy who runs it is a Harley guy. He wears a Harley Davidson t-shirt under a leather vest, blue jeans with a Harley belt buckle, cool harness biker boots, and a Harley bandanna, with black highway patrol shades completing the ensemble. I have to admit, he looks almost as cool as me decked out in my fur selling duds. Anyway, I digress...

So, this group of people were sitting across the hall, talking about my merchandise. I have several fur hats for sale, all of them in the Russian Trooper style. The shearling hats cost 79 dollars, and the rex rabbit hats cost 149 dollars. One of the guys walked up and picked up a hat and tried it on. His friend hollered from the bench:

"How much is it? 20 dollars?"
"Sheee-it naw. This is 150 bucks."
"150 bucks? Sheee-IT! No wonder they ain't got no business!"
(The one guy puts the hat back)
"Yeah, they're all going into the Harley store, and I don't blame em! 150 bucks for a hat? Sheee-IT!"
"Har har har har! Is all that stuff a hunert sumpin bucks? Them scarfs ain't worth a hunert sumpin bucks!"
"Sheee-it naw, it's just a knit scarf! Sheee-IT!"

And on and on and on, making fun of my little corner of merchandise. Well, I wanted to say to those guys, "You're all full of SHEEE-IT!" but I didn't. I just stood there and read my book.

Well, about 10 minutes later, a guy and his wife walked up and started looking at the hats. They picked out a shearling hat and the guy tried it on.

"Well honey, is that what you're looking for?"
"Well I dunno hun, I think so." (he looks in the mirror) "What do you think?"
"Well it's your birthday, so get whatever you want."

So the lady bought the hat for her husband, who turns 60 tomorrow. I love it when a customer is really happy with their purchase. Another case in point:

An old lady was browsing the rex rabbit knitted scarves. She asked her granddaughter for her opinion... the blue one or the grey one? I personally thought that the grey one would go better with more, since it's a neutral color.

"I like the grey one gramma, it will match more of your clothes. The blue one is just for fun."
"Thanks sweetie. I'll take the grey one!" She moved over to the shearling gloves and tried on the first pair she saw. They fit beautifully. "And the gloves too!"

As I was writing up her purchase, she told me about how she had saved and saved for this cruise, and had just enough mad money left over to buy a totem pole. Well, the totem pole next door in the ivory store cost 3000 dollars, and all she had was 200. So, she bought the scarf and the gloves instead, for 150 bucks. She was so happy, her grin split her face from ear to ear. That's what I really like, see? When a person is so happy with their purchase, it makes me happy too.

So take that, you bunch of hicks who were ragging on my little fur corner!

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