Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Work today

Today a customer wanted some snuff. 

Customer: "Gimme a canah grizzelubinterninecut."
Me: "Huh?  I didn't understand what you said."
Customer: (rolls eyes and points)
Me: (I grab a can of Grizzly Wintergreen fine cut) "Is this it?"
Customer: "Yuh."
Me: "Would you like a receipt?"
Customer: "Nathasubuh." (that means he didn't want a receipt)

Randy came in when he got off work, as usual.  Matius high tailed it to the coffee bar, leaving me to deal with him.  I held my breath and got through it.

Ryan: (emerges from the cooler and approaches me) "Randy was just here, right?"
Me: "Yeah."
Ryan: "You know how I could tell?"
Ash: (I can guess) "How?"
Ryan: "When he opened the door to the cooler to grab his beer, his smell wafted in.  Somebody needs to introduce that guy to a bar of soap."
Chiy: "That Ryan.  Ryan smells.  You sure that not you Ryan?  Matius, that Ryan.  Don let him fool you.  He stink up whole cooler."
Ryan: "Shut up Chiy."

Today I got the Green Card!  That means that an undercover agent tried to buy cigarettes from me and I passed the test!  Not really though.  I didn't even card the guy, but he gave me a green card anyway.  That's twice that's happened to me, that I didn't card the guy but he gave me a green card anyway.  I must be super uber awesome, just like I always suspected.  I was taking a picture of the card with my camera phone and Chiy saw me. 

Chiy: "What that?  Who give you that?"
Me:  "I got the green card.  See? (I proudly show the card to Chiy)
Chiy: "He give you twenty dollar?  He suppose to give you twenty dollar for getting it right."
Me: "No way."
Chiy: "Yes, he din give you twenty dollar?  He suppose to! You get it right, you get twenty dollar!"
Me: "Yeah right Chiy."

Chiy showed me the CO2 tank today, which was covered with frost.

Chiy: "Maintenance come in on Saturday and fix, but it still leaking.  When they come in tonight, you show them guage -" he indicates the guage, which reads half full "- is half down from when he fill.  He suppose to fix but he din.  You get him to fix, or we all choke and die on CO2 leak." (he pats me on the shoulder and walks away chuckling)