Saturday, January 29, 2011

An every day journal entry

I've been keeping an online journal for a while.  Often I'll be at work or at church or somewhere and experience something I want to write about, and if I had my laptop in front of me right then and there and the spare time, I'd right write then and there about what I'm thinking (I know I screwed up tenses and swapped homophones, and my right and left arrow keys aren't working).  Usually I'll forget what I wanted to write about though... anywho, here's just an every day journal entry.  Today nothing really that interesting happened.  I did discover that my right and left arrow keys aren't working on my keyboard (which is a real pain in the ass, especially when I'm editing blogs in progress) but that's about the most interesting thing.  Other than that, I enjoyed a very nice day with both doors open and took the opportunity to air out my room and clean it again, once more arresting the onset of entropy.  Then I walked to the store for sundries and came back home.  It was an enjoyable walk, with Coldplay running through my head through most of it.  A couple of times people honked at me.  Sometimes they yell things as they pass like, "Hey man, what's up!" or "Yo whaddup chief!" and "Hey, wassssssup bro!".  I work at 7-Eleven, you see, and because I do so much walking in public I have to deal with an odd sort of local fame.  Usually I don't recognize these people who recognize me as they zoom by, but I guess that comes with the territory.  I imagine it's kind of like being a local newscaster.  People know me, but I don't know them. 

Later I went to church for vigil but left after the vespers portion because my mood plummeted.  That's been happening a lot lately; I'll be feeling ok and then I'll be feeling like crap.  No warning, just a sudden drop in mood (sometimes it will go the other way, from crap to ok, but not as often).  Heidi usually texts me when this happens, which is inexplicably awesome.  I was about to say just now that I am so lucky to have Heidi in my life, but then I realized that luck has nothing to do with it.  Thanks, God.

After I left vigil I walked to Wal Mart for more sundries.  I don't really know what a sundry is, except that it's a good no-nonsense word to describe what-nots and hoo-jiggers.  So, more sundries in hand, I walked back home and downloaded Harry Potter - The Sorcerers Stone and watched it.  I haven't seen that movie in about a year and a half, since I first read the book.  Two things I've discovered in the past two years - Harry Potter, and The Orthodox Church.  Maybe I'll discover two more awesome things during the next two years.

Now it's just about time for bed.  Tomorrow I get to take communion again.  I need God's medicine right now.  Lord, please make my heart a worthy vessel to contain Thy Holy Spirit.


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