Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A dream - possession

I was watching a girl as she was seduced by a demon.  This demon was leading her into a hole in the ground, overgrown and nasty with worms and filth.  The girl was just staring into space with this vacant smile as she was pulled into this hole, thinking that all was right, everything was ok, and that she was meeting with her lover; totally unaware that a demon was about to have his way with her.

Later I was at Brittney's apartment.  We were both supposed to be at work, but we were goofing off instead.  I was in her bed, wrapped up in sheets, as if I had just awoken.  I saw a bus arrive outside through the window, and Brittney said that her ride was here and she had to go.  Somebody from the bus knocked at the door, and Brittney left.  After that, a friend of hers showed up and came in.  He saw me in the bed, and I immediately thought... this isn't what it looks like.  Why am I in bed?  I'm not even dressed.  I was embarrassed and tried to get dressed under the covers.  I explained to the guy that I had to work, so I left hurriedly.

As I was walking to work, I followed the girl who had been seduced by the demon.  She was like a zombie now, and her face was rotting and her hair was made of worms.  Instead of going to work though, I followed her to a carnival.  When I got there, I lost track of her and became frightened.  I walked up to a food stand and ordered a hot dog, which they advertised as being made with 'religious bread'.  Like the sacraments.  I paid seven dollars for one, and then the zombie girl showed up again.  I ran away from her, but she was very fast and ran ahead of me and turned to face me.  She had become this silvery molten metal type creature, and started throwing razor discs at me.  I fended them off with a metal object I had in my hand.  I hit each disc as it came, and one got through and cut me.  At this point I started collecting the discs that hadn't hit me, and I assembled them into one large, incomplete razor disc.  One piece was missing.  I ran back to the carnival and the metallic zombie girl was chasing me.  I hid behind an open door, and the zombie girl ran into the room that the door led to.  I slung the razor disc into the room and heard an incredible scream.  I looked in and saw that I had mutilated an innocent little girl.

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