Sunday, February 20, 2011

I don't need no stinkin smart phone!

Ever since I saw a friends smart phone I've WANTED ONE.  I have a phone that lets me get online, but the internet is very limited.  I can basically access facebook and hotmail, and not much else.  With a smartphone, it's like having a teeny, fully functional internet connection in your pocket.  And that's what I just wanted and wanted and coveted and needed and wished I had.

Until now.  I discovered recently, just by pure chance, while I was looking around on my phone for games to download, that there is a version of Opera (a semi-popular web browser that I used to use a lot on my laptop) which is available for my phone.  Wulp, I downloaded it and whaddyaknow?  Now I can go to any web page on my phone!  No more of this 'cannot view this web page' crap, or 'memory exceeded' crap.  Now, when I go to any web page, it displays in full, teeny tiny glory, every little detail!  And there is a zoom in feature that lets me read everything normally.  I have to scroll around, but hey, my screen is tiny.  I still can't watch videos, but who cares when I can look at WEB PAGES?  Now I can peruse the game forums, read funny stuff on Cracked, look at, and facebook now looks like it does on my laptop, not some watered down version that works on the retarded Verizon browser I've been using.

Now I don't need no stinkin smart phone!

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