Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Conversations at work

lil’ Steve:  Hey, you back from singing?

Me:  Yeah, all done.

lil’ Steve:  Did you go eat ice cream?

Me:  Uh… yeah.

lil’ Steve:  Did you get attacked by mormons?

Me:  Nah, there weren’t any.

lil’ Steve:  Was she there?

Me:  Uh… yeah.

lil’ Steve:  Is that why you left early?

Me:  … Nah, I just didn’t have any money.

lil’ Steve:  She was in here the other day with this tall guy with tattoos.

Me:  Uh…

lil’ Steve:  Was that the guy?

Me:  … fuck.

lil’ Steve:  You’re better looking than him!


Brittney:  What happened to your hand?

Me:  So, I was walking along and reading, and I tripped and fell.

Brittney:  What were you reading?

Me:  My prayer book.  Funny thing though…

Brittney:  What?

Me:  I was angry when I was praying, and I tripped and fell.  I think that’s God slapping me upside the head, it’s happened before.

Brittney:  Why were you angry?

Me:  Because I invited her back into my life, but I still feel pain.  It didn’t get any better, I feel pain either way… either I’m feeling guilty or heartbroken, usually both though.  I think it’s better this way though, because I felt worse trying to shut her out.

Brittney:  I know, I’ve gone through the same thing.  I think some people weren’t meant to be bad.


Brittney:  That girl you just checked, I think she was in Jet, the video of the month.

Me:  Oh, the one that was just here?

Brittney:  Yeah, I think I remember her.  Do you know what I’m talking about, the video special?

Me:  Well, not really, but I think I have an idea.  She was in Jet magazine, right?

Brittney:  Yeah, the video of the month.  You know what I’m talking about?

Me:  Well, yeah, sure.  I mean, not really, but yeah, I don’t read Jet, but I think I have an idea.  Wow, I just talked to a celebrity then?

Brittney:  Yeah, kind of, I guess.

Me:  Oh, I hope she shows up again.  Next time she’s here, I’ll say to her, ‘Hey, I saw you in Jet magazine’.  She’ll say, ‘No way, really?  You?’  I’ll say, ‘Yeah sure, I read Jet.’  She’ll say, ‘No way!’  I’ll say, ‘What, you think I don’t read Jet?  Why, because I’m white?  Is that it?’

Brittney:  You’re funny.


Chiy:  What happen your hand?

Me:  I fell, nose deep in a book.

Chiy:  You have to watch out, be careful.  You think you invincible?  Car drive by, hit you!

Me:  Yeah, I know, it’s happened before, way worse than this.

Chiy:  You walk up to street, you have to look both way!

Me:  Yeah, but when you live my life, you have to take those risks.

Chiy:  But you get hit by a car, you don’t have life anymore!

Me:  Well, I guess…

Chiy:  You need to look both way before you cross street!  Keep your head out of the book!

Me:  Well, I’m usually pretty careful…

Chiy:  You can’t get sick, who I get to work?  You feeling ok?  You not sick are you?

Me:  No Chiy, I’m ok, I just fell.

Chiy:  You don’t get sick, ok?  You see doctor!  You be careful!

Me:  Ok Chiy, I’ll be more careful.

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