Saturday, March 12, 2011

Do these things.

1.  Pray first thing in the morning and maintain a rule of prayer.
2.  Instead of wasting time online, read the Bible every day.
3.  Say the Jesus Prayer every time you think of it during the day.
4.  Make the decision constantly NOT to indulge in passions, even when you fail.
5.  Remember your faith in God and always remember that He has a plan for you.
6.  Be constantly mindful to offend no one.
7.  Love selflessly, always.
8.  Always maintain a vigilant defense against the enemy, for you will often be under full attack.
9.  If someone offends you or irritates you or challenges your pride, prostrate yourself before them.
10.  Pray immediately upon feeling anger, self, pity and pride, thanking God and asking forgiveness.
11.  Thank God for all situations, good and bad, knowing that all is according to His will.
12.  Be a ministry for God in all you say and do.

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