Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy - part 2

Ok, what is it with the awesome moods lately? I’m suspicious of this. I’m not on drugs and I’m not drunk, and I’m at work. And I feel great, just frikin wonderful. What is this? I love being at work with Brittney, she’s such a Godsend to me, to have a friend like her to work with. But I’ve also experienced these moods when working with Matius and Matt. And what do I have to be happy about? Nothing. My life is in the shitter basically… I’m out of communion, the friendship I tried to start back up failed miserably, the girl I love doesn’t love me because I’m too nice (or too angry, I don’t know which really), my brother tried to kill me, I’ll probably be in default on my loans again soon if I’m not already, I’m broke and might be homeless in 2 months, and I’ll probably die single and alone in a nursing home.

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