Friday, March 25, 2011

An interesting encounter

I'm really bad with faces.  I'll have people wave to me and yell at me to get my attention when I'm out walking, saying "What's up man!" and "Hey bro, how's it going?"  Things like that, and I respond with the usual, "Hey, not much," and "Pretty good."  I usually don't recognize them though.  The same thing happens in the store where I work.  I get so many customers every day they're like a blur of faces.  Literally.  It usually takes several interactions with someone for me to actually have any chance of remembering them.

With women it's usually a different story.  I'm far more likely to remember the face of an attractive woman than I am the face of Joe Schmoe.  Yesterday was the exception, however.  It was busy, and this cute young woman was at my register.  I didn't recognize her, but she sure recognized me.

Cutie pie:  You know, what with all the times I've been in here, and the fact that I see you so often - practically every day - I feel like we should be on a first name basis.  I'm Ellie!

Me:  (What?  Who is this?  I don't remember ever seeing her before.  She's introducing herself to me?  Now, here's something that doesn't happen every day! ahem...) Oh, hi.  My name is Elias.

Ellie:  Elias... that's nice.  Sounds kind of like Ellie.

Me:  Hey yeah, it does.  Especially if you just call me Eli, which a lot of people do.

Ellie:  Cool, that's really easy to remember!  Eli, Ellie...  They're practically the same name! (she reached over the register and stuck out her hand)

Me:  (I took her hand and shook it)  Ok, we're on a first name basis now... Ellie, right?  I'm terrible with names, but I have a feeling I'll remember yours.

Ellie:  Me too. (she released my hand)  Ok, well... bye Elias!

She left the store and I just stood there for a few seconds, trying to remember the last time something like that happened.  Girls usually don't flirt with me.. and I don't think it has anything to do with my looks.  I think it's my demeanor.  Most people usually think I'm too reserved to engage, or maybe they are just a little bit afraid of me.  I think I might come off as more than I really am sometimes, leading to this weird intimidation factor.  That's what I've been told by some people, anyway. 

Anywho... I don't know how I ever failed to notice this particular cutey pie, what with her being in the store as often as she said she was, but it felt good being recognized by a nice looking girl who showed interest in me.  It reminded me that I'm not necessarily worthless to the opposite sex, and that there is hope that I might actually realize my dream some day of having a family.  I pray every day to God to make me worthy of being a husband and father, and that if and when I'm ever actually worthy of such joy, that He will intercede in my life - that he will bring me a wife - and allow me to start a family in the Orthodox Church.

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