Friday, March 18, 2011


WHOMP! went the broom.  DEAD! went the wasp.  TAKE THAT! went the guy.

"Where is that other wasp?  Where is it where is it where is it!"  The guy looked around the living room everywhere, but the other wasp had apparently gone into hiding after having witnessed it's best friend just getting whomped by a broom by the guy.

The guy grew complacent and overconfident, but little did he know that the other wasp was biding it's time, waiting for the opportunity to strike.

After a few hours, the guy grabbed his shades.  He was going to walk to the store.  He opened the door, put the shades on his face, and was about to step outside, when whaddya know, the wasp had been hiding right there, under the shades, where the dark glass concealed him.  Now he was antennae to eyeball with the killer of his best friend.

STING! went the stinger.  KERPLUSHK! went the eyeball as it popped.  SPLAT! went the inside of the shades.  OWYOUMOTHERF'ERMYEYE! went the guy.  TAKE THAT! went the wasp, as it flew out the door.

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