Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A dream - almost perfect

Rollerblades, and snow, and wanting, and speed.  And being lost, and winding up in a beautiful field that defied imagination.  It was imagination though, so I guess it was real.  The grass and trees were so green and textured and bright, and the sky so blue.  Blazing full color, maybe even moving into the range of ultraviolet.  It was in Colorado, I know that much.  Something didn't want me to be there, I wasn't supposed to be there.  There are memories of a place which wasn't as perfect, that called me back to it.  I didn't want to go.  I took pictures with my camera phone, trying to capture the beauty, but knowing that the phone wasn't sufficient.  A church down there, with trees around it, and the sun setting just behind it.  It was going to be dark soon, and all of this beautiful color would disappear.  The shot never really lined up right, not the way I saw it.  It was so beautiful.  I walked back to the grassy meadow in the middle of it all and waited there.

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