Thursday, April 21, 2011

Getting sick

The night before last my throat started to hurt. Then last night when I got home from work it hurt so bad that I couldn't even swallow, and it even hurt to talk. I looked in the mirror and saw big white bumps on the back of my tongue, way way back. My first reaction was, GROSS! And I wanted to pop them. But that would have been even grosser, popping those things in my mouth, so I left them alone.

I just came home from work and am running a fever, and my throat hurts again. The general consensus is that I have strep throat. I've never had that before, and it sucks. Fever, ache, tired, throat pain, irritable.

On the way home I saw a poor dead kitty on the side of the road on the grass near the sidewalk. It looked like it had been hit, and then crawled out of the road and laid down and died. It wasn't contorted... just lying there, dead. It had some head injuries. I'd seen that kitty before on my way to work. I thought about it being alive, and petting it, and hearing it meow and I almost started crying. A mother and daughter walked by soon after I had passed it, and I heard the little girl go EEWWW! I found an old cardboard box and put it over the kitty. A little bit of dignity for the poor thing.

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