Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I love you!  No, not you.  You!  Well... ok, you too, I guess.  Aw... wait.  I'm sorry, of course I love you!  And you.  Yeah, and you two, too.  What?  Yeah, sure, you too.  Huh?  Well of course!  Who?  You?  But I don't even know you... no, I... wait.  Sure, yeah.  Ok, you too.  Yup, really.  Huh?  Really?  You do?  But I didn't think... wow, thanks.  I love you too!  Ok, yeah, you guys too.  Yeah, all of ya'll over there.  I love ya'll too.  Heck, I love all of ya.  Really!  But especially you.  Just not as much as you, and a little more than you.

But only in the late, early morning right before sunrise and right after the brightest star fades, and only when Venus is at opposition, and right after breakfast, or before work.  Whichever comes first.  All depending on my mood on any given day, of course.

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