Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Imagine Elmer Fudd reading this out loud

I'm so lonely,
Oh so lonely...
So lonely and sadly alone.

There is no one,
Just me only...
At home here with my little phone.

I love really hard,
Maybe too much they say...
Because when I love a girl,
She goes away.

So, I'm lonely.
Oh so lonely...
So lonely, I wish 'I' was 'we'.

I'm not homely,
I'm quite comely!
It must be my personality.

In the book of my life,
I'm stuck on the same page...
Not yet married, it's scary
At my kind of age!

And I'm lonely.
Oh, so lonely...
So lonely, like leftover food.

I'm an oldie,
But a goodie...
I've even heard I'm one heckuva dude!

When I'm worthy, then maybe
I'll find my true love...
But 'til then, I'll just have to trust
Heaven above.

So, I'm lonely,
Oh, so lonely.
So lonely, and that's how I'll be.

Yes, I'm lonely,
Oh so lonely.
So lonely, this poor little me.

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