Thursday, April 14, 2011

Morning encounter

My check usually hits the bank at 2:30 am, and I was going to stay up for that last night so I could get groceries and stuff, and a money order for Ed, and after that I was going to look for my taxes so Nancy could help me with them this morning.  Well, I went to sleep anyway.  So I set my alarm for 6:30 and got up super early to go grab sundries and whatnot, and then get home and find those dadgum tax greeblies, and I walked up to Walgreens and who was there?  Brittney!  We yakked for a minute, and then I had a BRIGHT idea... "Take me home Brittney!  Please?"  "Ok," she said.  "Oh, and you remember Todd, right?" 

"Hey, Todd!"  We shake hands.  Todd said, "Brittney talks about you non stop."  I started to think... ah shit.  I hope Todd doesn't think that Brittney and I are... I dunno.  You know.  Todd is in love with her, and I understand that, more than he probably knows.  Brittney and I are just friends, that's it.  Just friends.  I don't know if he thinks anything about us, but I know I sure would if my girlfriend (they just got back together) came home every day talking about the guy she works with.

I hope things work out for them.  Brittney has had an unreasonably hard, and at the same time, very interesting life.  I know that being with Todd can be hard for her, but I also know that she loves him.  The way Brittney describes him, Todd seems so... hopeful, sad, good, unreasonable, caring, bitter... a good person with problems.  I hope things work out with them. 

I should have told Todd, "She talks a lot about you too."

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