Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy - part 3

Right now, at this moment, I'm happy.  Another great day.  I don't know why these days happen but I'm grateful.

There were some bumps however.  A customer accused Brittney of stealing two dollars from her.  Well, I just seen red again.  I have to learn how to control my anger when people insult my friends.  I went off on her like I did the bus driver... well, not as bad as that.  But I did confront her and make it clear to her that it was far more likely that she had misplaced the two dollars (Brittney had seen her put it in her purse, and it was on the security cam) than it was for a 7-Eleven clerk to steal it from her.  I felt absolutely terrible afterward.  When she comes in again I'm going to apologize to her.

Brittney brought her computer to work and showed me her old MySpace page, the one for the band she used to be in.  It was called Phoenix Soul, a play on her name.  She is a really great singer.  Professionally good.  She wrote the song.  She's always telling me about her church experiences as the keyboard player.  I tell her about mine as a singer in the two St. Maximus choirs.  It's fun, relating our tales to each other.

Ellie came into the store again today.  I was looking down, as usual, and I didn't notice her at first.  Then I heard 'Hi, Elias.'  I looked up and it was her.  I said hi, scanned a few items, and then looked at her and said, 'Ellie, right?'  Confirmed.  She remarked about how long it had been since she'd been in the store, and we talked for a bit about what we'd both been doing since then.  For her, school.  For me, work and church.  We chatted a bit more, and she left.

Ellie.  It's a nice name, and I like being called Elias.

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