Friday, May 20, 2011

Dog shit

The other day I came home from East Texas and there was dog crap all over the house, especially in my room.  Julio probably thought he was leaving me gifts because he missed me so much.  Anywho, I cleaned it all up and was sitting at my desk later, and I kept smelling essence of doggie doo.  Wherefore art thou, my little butt dumplings ?  I looked everywhere; no wayward turds in sight.  Hmmm, thought I.  Then I had a revelation!  I grabbed my foot and turned it up, and sure enough... dog dookie, embedded in every crevice of my shoe tread.

So.  Off went the shoe, and out onto the back porch it went.  Not just the one shoe, mind you.  Both of 'em.  Can't have a single shoe lying around, knowing that it's brother is covered in shiznat.  They both have to be punished.  So, I left them out there, confident that the ca-ca  would just disappear on its own.  Hey, that's how I solve my problems, by ignoring them until they go away.  Stands to reason that it should work on dog poop.

So, it rained big time today.  Lots of rain, and lots of thunder.  I opened the back door to revel in it, and there were my shoes, all soaked and miserable looking.  Damn, thought I, my shoes are soaked... then I remembered the dog scheisse.  Could it be?  I could just see the bottom of my shoe from there... yup, it was all washed off.  Thanks mother nature, for cleaning the dog shit off of my shoe for me.  I owe you one.

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