Monday, May 9, 2011


Tonight Brittney played some more of her music for me.  She was rapping, and it sounded good.  I thought to myself, self, you may not be able to sing worth a damn, but I bet you could rap.  So I said to Brittney, "I bet I could rap!"  Brittney said that she was freestyling on that song, and I thought... hmmm.  Self, I bet you could could freestyle too.  So I said, "I bet I could freestyle too!"

So Brittney loaded up some Slim Shady on YouTube without the vocals, and here's what I freestyled:

"If you're bored with Star Wars, I'll bore a hole like a mole in your head till you're dead, then I'll steal your Keds and make treads so fast my shift is red, like the expanding universe, my verse will curse your purse strings, all your bling gone from being to not being, while I sing my account goes ka-ching, you feel the sting 'cause I'm king of the rhyming, double timing like a pod racer, I'll chase her with fur 'cause she's PETA, she don't like meata so I'll beat 'er with a tortilla, then I'll say 'see ya' and take off like a boss in my hyperdrive hoss, I live my life by the coin toss!"

Uh huh.  Yeah.  That's right.

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