Tuesday, May 17, 2011


They like me, they think I'm cute
Those little girlies, those little girlies.
They came into the store today,
And they said to me, "What's your name?"
To which I said, "My name is Elias,"
Then they introduced themselves to me.
One was Kelly, the other Tracy,
Those little cuties, those little cuties.
Then they said, "We see you walking, all the time, all the time."
I said "Yeah, I walk a lot, I like to read, I like to read."
Then they said that they talk about me,
All the time, all the time.
"But don't worry, nothing bad.  Always good, always good!"
They said the next time they saw me walking,
"We'll scream your name, yeah, we'll scream your name!"
I said the next time that I'm out walking,
"I'll scream right back, yeah I'll scream right back!"

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