Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Before work:

I scheduled a confession with my priest this afternoon before work.  All through it, thunder was booming and lightning was flashing, accentuating the sins which I uttered, as if I were receiving admonishment from God.  Afterward I walked back home in torrential rain.

Things that happened at work:

A couple walked in.  The guy said to the girl, "Why are you being so argumentative today?"  The girl replied, "Because you're always wrong."  Brittney commented, "The typical dynamic between men and women."

A customer approached my counter with an old, dusty gas can.  She asked me if I could open it for her.  I did, and a spider immediately JUMPED out and rapelled down to the floor on a string of silk, then vanished underneath the counter.  I can imagine its relief to be out of that smelly gas can.

I had eyes rolled at me by a flamboyantly gay man because I wasn't able to read his mind when he presented me with 21 dollars, declaring "I want a dollar fifty!"  In gas, apparently, after my psychic abilities kicked in.

I invented a new taquito today... the floppy tortilla flavored taquito.  Great for fast days.  I can't wait to present my new product to Chiy.

I also learned from Brittney that getting angry is ubiquitous among all human beings, and that I'm not defective.

After work:

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