Sunday, July 31, 2011

The new girl

Chiy actually hired a girl.  Her name is Olivia, and she's roommates with Stephen and Matt, and she said they're always talking about me.  When I hear something like that, I'm always surprised.  What are they talking about, and why?  She said, "Don't worry, nothing bad!"  Still, I can't help imagining all of them sitting around the table at their house, talking about me.  Are they talking about my religion?  About the fact that I'm a mysterious sonofabitch who always keeps to himself?  Am I cute?  Old?  Funny looking?  Cool?  A loser?  Well, she said 'nothing bad'... but I've wondered now and then what people say about me behind my back.  I'm sure there's been plenty of shit talked about me over the years.  Olivia is really friendly though.  It should be fun working with her.  She always says hi to me when she's in the store.  Even when I'm in the cooler, she'll open the door and shout 'Hey Ash!' and she's always telling Matt to tell me that "Olivia said hi!"  I hope we can be friends.  I miss Brittney, and now Matius is gone too, my two good friends at work.  I'm thinking about going to school at the seminary on Kodiak Island, for the drug and alcohol counseling degree, if it's possible.  I dunno what that has to do with anything.  Anywho.  I'm tired, time for bed.

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