Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bugs and lizards

I got home from church at about 10:00 tonight (there were a lot of people there for confession, and I wound up being last, as usual) and immediately had to kill two of those big ass 'waterbugs', as Matt calls them.  I call them big ass cockroaches.  One was on my bed... killed it.  It left some goo, so I had to remove the sheet and I'm gonna sleep on a bare mattress tonight.  I've awoken with those fuckers crawling on me in the middle of the night.  Nothing like waking up to the feeling of teeny scurrying bugs crawling on you, I tell ya.  And this morning I reached over for my Arizona Tea and instead of feeling the nice, smooth cool aluminum surface of the can, I instead felt the scribbly, scratchity pointy fucked up multilegged presence of one of those damn bugs perched on the top of my can, right on the tab.  Man that pissed me off.  The bug got away, and I had to get up for a glass of lukewarm water.

Anywho, back to this evenings bug killing.  The other one was perched on the heel of my boot which was lying on its side on the floor.  I carefully lifted it and smashed it down.  Stupid bug.  A third one got away, it disappeared into a crack on the ceiling.  That's probably where they live... I should spray some 409 or something chemically in there.  One of them actually flew across the living room the other day.  I didn't know those bastards could fly!  I tracked it down and slaughtered it.  I can't wait for summer to be over so those little barstages will go back into hibernation or cryo-freeze or something, whatever it is they do.  Maybe they just die... the point is, I usually don't see them in the winter.  I'm thinking about getting some roach motels (I wonder if they would work on waterbugs, if that's what they really are), or a bug bomb and set it off when I'm at work.  I'd have to leave the dogs outside all day though, and it's hot.  Hmmm... they'd probably be ok, there's that veranda in the back yard which provides plenty of shade.

Now I've been observing a teeny little lizard for the past 30 minutes as it explores the wall around my window.  I'm not gonna kill it, it's actually kind of cute, and maybe it'll find a water-roach nest and eat the babies or eggs or whatever.  That'd be cool.


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