Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A dream - at work and at Matushkas

It was the old days at 7-Eleven.  I was at work and Dax was the manager, but he was also Ryan.  Sometimes he looked like Ryan, and sometimes he looked like Dax.  Mostly he was Dax.  The power was off, and this relates to a previous dream I had when I was at work and it was winter, and night time, and there was no power, and I was sleeping at the store.  Anyway.

Dax had this long Christmas stocking filled with weed, and we were making pulled pork in the new oven there.  We called it 'pre-chewed' pork for one of those weird dream reasons.  A bunch of Dax's friends showed up and started talking and reminiscing about something, but I didn't feel like I belonged in their group, so I went over to the coffee bar and started running around it as fast as I could, occasionally hopping from foot to foot, and singing at the top of my lungs.  I had the stocking of weed, and I started playing air guitar with it.  Dax and his friends all looked over at me like I was a lunatic, and I heard somebody ask Dax if I was going to come outside with them.

They went outside to smoke, but I stayed inside and worked in the dimly lit store.  It was hot in there.  I started in on a hugmongous pile of dishes, which hadn't been done in years, left over from some long ago party.  Before that though, I hid the long stocking full of weed under the sink in the bathroom.  As I was doing the dishes, singing at the top of my lungs, I heard somebody say "Hey!".  I snuck away and pretended I didn't hear, and then a woman walked in through the back door.  She saw me and asked why I didn't answer.  "I dunno," I said.  She said she was there to inspect the store, and began rummaging through the bathroom.  Dax came back in at that time, and I whispered to him, "The weed!  I hid it under the bathroom sink!" He tried to blow it off, but he was deeply worried.  He managed to retrieve it and keep it away from her.

After that I walked to Matushkas, and I was in my underwear and wearing my combat boots.  When I got there, Julie and Leah were there, and I took off my combat boots and we all started talking about Pascha.  I remarked about how it was never on the same day every year, and how it should be, and how Easter and Pascha should always be on the same days.  I was deeply concerned that it didn't happen like Christmas, or Halloween... on the same day every year, like it did historically.  Then Matushka said it should really be on September the 20th, because that's the day that Christ was actually born.  I agreed, and she was perturbed... as if she wasn't really serious about it and that she had only been joking.  I told Matushka that it was only because I respected the Theotokos so much that Pascha should be on the same day every year, since that was the day She was concsecrated.  I know none of this makes a lick of sense.  Anyway...

Matushka seemed mollifed by that.  Suddenly I knew that I had to go home because Dax was coming over and I had to be there when he got there.  I had to walk though.  I abruptly realized that I was dressed only in my underwear, and I said, out loud, "Holy cow, I have to go home, and I'm in my underwear.  I gotta walk home!" Matushka said, "Are you walking?"  I said yeah, and looked at Julie across the room and said to her, "This is like one of those bad dreams, you know?"  As I was putting my boots on, I asked Julie if she would walk home with me.

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