Sunday, September 25, 2011

Getting me an e-book reader, FINALLY

Whew!  I just ordered an e-book reader, a Sony pocket reader.

Yee Haw

I looked at all kinds of different ones - I-Pad, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Papyrus, Libre, etc. - and most of them come with all of these bells and whistles, like Wi-Fi internet, extensive online marketplace stores, ability to play mp3's and avi's, Android 2.4 with Flash support, color LCD screens, and all the stuff that comes with a tablet PC or an I-Pad.  I don't remember any of the paperbacks I've read ever doing any of that stuff, so the one I ordered is bare bones, as far as e-book readers go.  It's about the size of an actual book, it's got a 5 inch E-Ink screen, it's black and white, and it doesn't connect to any internet.  But that's what I want, and the battery will last for months on one charge.  It will also hold about 350 books.

Most of those other e-book readers, like the Kindle and the Nook, cost anywhere from 150 to 350 bucks, so I'm happy that I only paid 72 bucks for this one.

I can't wait!  Estimated delivery date is the 28th.

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